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  • Astrolene Treated Dust Mop Head tie on

    Astrolene Treated Dust Mop Head tie on

     Astrolene yarn is a blend of 4 synthetic fibres. Twisted and heat-set, it resists fraying, does not produce lint, and stands up in the wash. Drying time is half that of a standard cotton dust mop. Universal tie-on style of boot fits both 5" collapsible or rigid frames. Treated with Velva Sheen Dust Control treatment to help in picking up fine dust and particles.  Astrolene's tight twist and special blend of synthetic fibres provide superior durability Tie-on style can be used with either breakaway or rigid 5" frames Pre-treated with dust control treatment and ready to pick up dust on large areas of smooth flooring

  • Cotton White Dry Dust Mop Head

    Cotton White Dry Dust Mop Head

     This value-priced cotton dust mop is semi-disposable and ideal for light duty use. It is sold untreated . We do not recommend laundering; when the mop is worn or too dirty to shake out, simply replace with a fresh one. Universal design with single boot construction. Works with 5" collapsible and rigid dust mop frames. Cotton dust mop is semi-disposable Comes untreated Works with both rigid or collapsible 5" frames

  • Moss Rubber Floor Squeegee Black

    Moss Rubber Floor Squeegee Black

     Moss rubber is the preferred material for floor squeegees that must work on uneven surfaces. The rubber's sponge-like consistency creates a seal between blade and floor, even on rough surfaces such as tile, slate or brick, allowing the user to move large quantities of liquid with ease. This heavy-duty moss rubber squeegee features a galvanized steel channel and special brace-like connector for extra stability and longevity. Heavy-duty galvanized steel channel and brace will stay strong even with frequent use Use with tapered wooden handles such as 52506 or 52513

  • Aluminum Floor Squeegee

    Aluminum Floor Squeegee

     This industrial floor squeegee features a rust-resistant, lightweight, one-piece aluminum channel. Stainless steel self-tapping screws hold the blade firmly in place. Used in the industrial trade on rough floor surfaces with large amounts of water. Thick industrial-grade rubber. Recommended handles - 54" or 60" tapered wooden  

  • Niagara Brand  (3m 74 equivalent) scouring sponge Case

    Niagara Brand (3m 74 equivalent) scouring sponge Case

    Case of 20x  Thickness1 Inch (25.4 mm)BrandNiagara Do Not Use - SurfacesNot recommended for use on polished or easily scratched surfaces.MaterialCellulose, Fiber, Mineral, ResinProduct ColorGreen, YellowShapeRectangular

  • Auto Hand Dryer 120 Volt

    Auto Hand Dryer 120 Volt

     Features: Sensitive distance of sensor: 4-12″ (10-30 cm). Touch free sensor is activated when hands are placed within the set range under spout. There is a .6 sec delay for on and a 2 second delay for off. The power will be cut off automatically in cases of irregular use over 120 seconds, sensor will reset during normal use. Sensor is 100% moisture proof. Wind measure: 161 cfm, (274 m3/h), Wind velocity: (16.5m/sec).Materials: Cast aluminum in painted white finishSpecifications: Approximately 20 second drying time. Voltage: 120 volts, 220 volts (220 volt can be run on 208 volt 50-60 hz).  Power consumption: 2200 watts, Sound level: 61-67 db.  Brush less 100 watt 3,450 rpm motor.Weight: 15 lbs. (6.8 kg.)Dimensions: 7″D x 13″W x 9″HInstallation: Insure when mounted that dryer is 12″ (30cm) above any fixed or movable objects. For unrestricted access insure bottom of dryer does not exceed 48″ (120 cm) from floor. Four threaded mounting anchors and hole location template provided.Maintenance: Exterior: Unit may be cleaned with soap and water or approved cleaning products/sanitizers.  Interior: Motor assembly and all working parts must be kept clean from excessive dirt/dust and any form of foreign debris. Failure to maintain unit may reduce performance and result in void of warranty.Warranty: Complete 5 years from date of purchase.

  • Tork 84TR Universal Hand Towel Dispenser

    Tork 84TR Universal Hand Towel Dispenser

    Universal - works with all roll paper qualities with any size core; including coreless, solid and centrepull rollsHigh capacity; accommodates roll towels up to  800' long  8" wide Ergonomic handle design for ease of use33% smaller than a standard lever action handle towel roll dispenserErgonomic Bio-Pruf® lever action handle inhibits bacteria growthEasy to load and simple to useMade of durable, translucent black pearl impact resistant plasticDimensions: 12.75" H. x 15.5" W. x 9.3" D.

  • 3M97 Pads  Medium duty  case of 100 pads  6" x 9"

    3M97 Pads Medium duty case of 100 pads 6" x 9"

     A thicker, hand-size version of the Scotch-Brite™ General Purpose Scour Pad No. 96Synthetic scouring pad is excellent for common cleaning jobsContains durable synthetic fibres that are crimped and heat set to develop a strong open webContains abrasive particles that are effective in scrubbing operation - particles are evenly distributed throughout the pad to ensure consistent performanceConstructed with resin that helps to resist degradation from exposure to hot water, detergents and normal cleaning liquidsThe Scotch-Brite™ No.97 Medium Duty Hand Pad is made from high quality mineral and adhesive synthetic fibres. This pad can be used wet or dry to scrub cookware, clean kitchen equipment, floors and for general purpose cleaning. It is not recommended for use on polished or easily-scratched surfaces.

Displaying 51 to 60 (of 633 products)