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Dry Mopping

Dry Mopping

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  • Astrolene Treated Dust Mop Head tie on

    Astrolene Treated Dust Mop Head tie on

     Astrolene yarn is a blend of 4 synthetic fibres. Twisted and heat-set, it resists fraying, does not produce lint, and stands up in the wash. Drying time is half that of a standard cotton dust mop. Universal tie-on style of boot fits both 5" collapsible or rigid frames. Treated with Velva Sheen Dust Control treatment to help in picking up fine dust and particles.  Astrolene's tight twist and special blend of synthetic fibres provide superior durability Tie-on style can be used with either breakaway or rigid 5" frames Pre-treated with dust control treatment and ready to pick up dust on large areas of smooth flooring

  • Cotton White Dry Dust Mop Head

    Cotton White Dry Dust Mop Head

     This value-priced cotton dust mop is semi-disposable and ideal for light duty use. It is sold untreated . We do not recommend laundering; when the mop is worn or too dirty to shake out, simply replace with a fresh one. Universal design with single boot construction. Works with 5" collapsible and rigid dust mop frames. Cotton dust mop is semi-disposable Comes untreated Works with both rigid or collapsible 5" frames

  • Electrostatic Dust Mop Head Blue

    Electrostatic Dust Mop Head Blue

     Electrastat is a heavy nylon yarn that attracts dust and is exceptionally long-wearing.  Tie-on style poly boot works with 5" collapsible or rigid dust mop frames. Ideal for use where treated mops are prohibited. Electrastat nylon yarn is washable and long lasting Offered in four distinct colours Tie-on boot works with rigid or collapsible frames

Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 products)